What I Ate Tuesday – Week 1

I am jumping on to the What I Ate Wednesday train, only that I am doing it for Tuesday. Doing it for Tuesdays is more convenient for me. For all I know, if I take up Wednesday schedule I might end up being irregular. I love good food, not just eating but also creating good food. I love reading what other people eat in a day more so if I get to see pictures and get the recipes. Moreover, I think we all girls love reading about food and recipes.

So what is this about? It is about celebrating good food and encouraging to include more raw vegetables / fruits and balanced nutrition in our regular diet. It is about sharing easy recipes and quick fixes in our over consumed ‘woman life’.

It is not about comparison, restriction, or forging guilt. It is a joyful sharing of ideas on food and other things, and it would be even more exciting if you share with me your thoughts on regular food and the craft of cooking.

Without further ado, here are the real photos of what I ate this Tuesday.

Started my day with a glass of Apple Cider Vinegar. Sometimes I add chia seeds or turmeric or honey but today it was a busy morning so it was just ACV in lukewarm water to begin the beautiful day.

Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar


If you have been with me for some time now, you know I keep my breakfast light. It’s either eggs or smoothies. Recently, I got these Ace blend Multi-greens and thought it was the right day for this as it gets done in seconds. Just open the packed and transfer the protein powder in a blender jar, add cold water and run it in the blender. I added a banana, topped it with almonds, and freshly grated coconut.

Ace Blend
Protein Smoothie in Raw Chocolate flavor

Morning Snack

Tucked in two boiled egg whites at around 11:30 am at work. Couldn’t take a picture …


Always a lunchbox girl. I detest buying food at work, and would rather get up early and give up on 20 mins of sleep. For lunchbox today, I made these basic chicken rolls. Chicken sautéed in salt and pepper, sliced capsicum and cabbage; all rolled in wheat bread/chapati.

Chicken Rolls

Pre-Workout Snack

I usually fix my pre-workout snack in the morning itself. I just come from work and max it takes is 10 mins to put it together. Today I had sautéed mushrooms in the morning. Microwaved it in the evening and toasted a slice of bread. Topped the bread with chicken salami and warm sautéed mushrooms. It was delicious..


Although I would have wanted a portion of veggies for dinner, I got stuck in work calls and ended up having last night’s leftover chicken curry. Added chopped spinach while heating it on stove.

Saving the dessert for weekends.

That’s all my friends! Hope y’all enjoyed reading this post and gathered some ideas for your next meal. Wish you an exciting week ahead!

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