What I Ate Tuesday – Week 7 and Few ways to manage the ‘Burnout’ state of mind!

Most of us experience some level of burnout in day-to-day life, more now than ever before. Moreover, it is not restricted to work-related stress only. While working people are more prone to burnout, we should not underestimate the prolonged stress due to lack of support at home, miscommunication, and emotional exhaustion, which can affect anyone. ‘Burnout is a state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress. It occurs when you feel overwhelmed, emotionally drained, and unable to meet constant demands’ (1)

From my personal experience, burnout happens to me when I stretch beyond my capacity and pour myself emotionally into something. It is never about long hours or physical exhaustion, from what I have experienced. I lose my appetite, get anxious and even get fever if the burnout is prolonged, that clearly tells me that even my immunity gets affected. It is indeed very important to set boundaries and limits for yourself, and recognize the triggers if you are going beyond those boundaries. Connect and listen to your body.

One of the most effective ways to heal yourself from burnout is to disconnect from everything and protect your energy. Indulging in your hobby, yoga, meditation, reading, are few other great ways to recharge yourself from the burnout. More often than not, it can be lack of proper sleep that’s the cause behind burnout; catch up on your sleep. Burnout can look different for everyone; below I list down few potential signs of burnout that I have experienced myself and amongst my friends and family.

  • Feeling overwhelmed and anxious
  • Shortness of breath
  • Emotional fatigue and feeling physically weak
  • Foggy brain – thinking too many things at once and not able to think straight
  • Reduced performance in everyday tasks due to lack of concentration

Few ways to heal yourself from burnout

  • Disconnect – take an off from work, social media and phone calls.
  • Eat nutritious comfort food – I love a bowl of dal-rice, Thai chicken soup, khichdi, vegetable broth with salt and pepper, ginger tea.
  • Walking barefoot in the grass – go to a nearby park and walk barefoot or otherwise. Greenery has great re-energizing qualities.
  • Communicate – if there is something that is disturbing you, then talk it out. Esp. if the burnout is due to an argument/discord with your partner.
  • Read an inspirational book
  • Sleep

In general, slow down your mind and body – disconnect from the hush-hush agenda driven life and the overflowing checklists. Have you experienced burnout ever? What does it look like for you? How do you recharge yourself? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Let’s now look at my Tuesday Menu for this week.

Rainy Day breakfast – what else would you need with chicken, eggs and potato all in one plate ! Heavenly!
Lunch was this humble pulao – with carrots, spinach and soya nuggets. Pulao was accompanied with curd and it made for such a comfort meal!
Pre-Workout Snack was this chicken salami toasty with some greens. Arugula just takes any toast a level up!
Dinner was sans carbs, considering the toasts I had in the evening. Have you tried Broccoli and chicken stir-fry? I added some garlic and chilly sauce to this protein overload dinner.

That’s it for this week dear reader! I am really enjoying how this simple weekly blog-post which started with an intention to share my full day meals has become so meaningful now with a small topic that I write about every week. Do you think these topics are relevant to your routine life? What else should we bring it here? Your comments are the only reward that I get for my write-ups. Be generous ! Xo!

Credits – (1) – Psychology Defined term – Burnout

6 comments on “What I Ate Tuesday – Week 7 and Few ways to manage the ‘Burnout’ state of mind!

  1. Never knew burnout was a thing until I read your blog post and now that I think about it, I realised I’ve experienced it quite a few times and it’s mostly due to arguements with my LDR partner. I once read in your it post that you’re in LDR as well. I would love to go through bits and pieces you’d like to share about your relationship or LDR in general! Thank you for such a informative article.

    1. Thanks Rutuja! So happy to see you here!
      You’re not alone in this! We all feel burned out once in a while. And like I said it in the blog, its very important to know the triggers.
      Long Distance Relationship has gotten more disrepute than it deserves! It has its issues but I guess we should talk more about how giving space to each other is so important irrespective of living together or LDR. Have you read ‘What I Ate Tuesday – Week 3’ .. that’s where I talk about it in detail! I will include this topic more in my write-ups! Happy reading love <3

  2. A spent an entire day this week feeling overwhelmed. I didn’t even realize it was overwhelm; I thought I was coming down with something, considering the moody weather. But help came when I needed it the most in the form of your post and a video from Muchelle B (check her out on YT if you aren’t familiar with her. She is my go-to). Sending lots of love your way!

    1. So good to see you here Mousumee. The weather has actually been bad.. I am craving sunshine!
      I love rains but continuous rains does bring the mood down. So may be its the weather with you too. So glad you took time out to share what you’re feeling.
      Haven’t heard of Muchelle , will definitely check her YT. Xo! Hope you get the sunshine soon and feel better <3

  3. Hello Sarneet,
    Loved reading the blog..the things you have mentioned are definitely the things I do after being diagnosed with fibromyalgia..its something new everyday..I have learnt to slow down, meditate,crochet..though anxiety does creep up..I keep reminding myself that ALL IS WELL and I am enough,doing the best I can. Thank you Sarneet

    1. Thanks for coming here Savita! So glad to see you. As I understand it ,Fibromyalgia is acute burnout state.
      Slow life is the first aid for most of the modern lifestyle diseases. I have been wanting to learn knitting for a while and even shared this idea with my mom and I think this idea caught her by surprise. I have seen your crochet creations and am sure the activity is so therapeutic. Thankyou for always showing up support! Xo!

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