What I Ate Tuesday Week 6 and my thoughts on why should we embrace ‘Eating-Alone’.

With shrinking family size and the world getting busier with every passing day, it is extremely important to find joy in your own company. I am not referring to being isolated here. It is about ‘not having a constant need’ to be around someone or have someone to talk to. It’s about enjoying solitude. It has become essential that we cultivate this idea of developing a beautiful relationship with our own-self despite having family and friends. There is a difference between being lonely and being in solitude. Loneliness cripples you. Solitude strengthens you.

One of the ways in which you can begin to enjoy your own company is by embracing eating alone. For me it is as important to eat a meal alone every day, as it is to enjoy a meal with my family. While currently my husband and I are living in different cities, but even when we were staying together, we usually had conflicting schedules and we could eat together only sporadically through the week. Moreover, I found so many other couples struggling through this routine. Eating alone does not mean using tech as a distraction as that contributes to mindless eating. It is to indulge in food and mindfully being hundred percent present for 30 minutes towards the activity of giving food to not just your body, even your soul. Eating alone has an unfairly bad rep. Keeping aside the fear of being judged as someone who glorifies solo eating, here are the few benefits of eating alone –

  • We tend to be more in control of how much we are eating.
  • We tend to enjoy healthy food in our personal space, which otherwise we would not have chosen over spicy fried food.
  • We tend to feel and connect with the nutritious energy of the food. In olden times, food was a healer of common ailments. By connecting with the energy of the food, it helps us heal physical and mental ailments (anxiety).
  • Food should not just feed your body but also your soul; this comes more when we are mindfully eating without indulging in conversations or tech.

As per Forbes study, eating alone is no longer stigmatized, as it was earlier. The Forbes study noted: “Alone eating no longer connotes physical and social isolation. As consumers continue to redefine the concept of ‘meal’, alone eating has become a normal part of modern life.

What are your experiences with eating alone? Do you know that Japan is the capital of the world for eating alone and they have perfected this art over centuries?

Let’s now look at my Tuesday menu of this Week in Pictures.

Breakfast was a hearty bowl of warm instant oats cooked in almond milk. Oats get cooked in microwave in 10-12 mins. I topped warm oats with honey, almond slices and caramelized fresh peaches.
Oh! The love my Insta feed received from y’all after I posted picture of homemade Falafel. Lunch was this deliciously creamy falafel salad. For the dressing I have used Urban Platter Tahini paste, salt, olive oil and chilli flakes.
Pre-Workout Snack was this protein rich plate of boiled eggs with sautéed paneer on the side. Boiled eggs topped with Living Food Microgreens, sea salt and pepper.
Dinner was any assembled food , yet nutritious. It was a toast with an assembly of chicken salami, greens, carrots and boiled eggs. It was delicious and filling. I had two of these for post-workout dinner. You can replace chicken with paneer or cheese slices.

That’s all for this week. How are you liking this weekly series? Please let me know in the comments section! Happy Weekend y’all! Xo!

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