What I Ate Tuesday – Week 5

This week is exciting, husband is home and work is pretty much balanced. I needed to catch my breath after the chaos that was at work last week. If you haven’t known yet from my various posts on my Instagram, husband and I have been in long distance relationship for quite a while now due to our respective work commitments. And honestly, while we both take flights, travel distances and see each other at any given possibility; we can’t pick if we would want to prioritize staying together over individual growth. Not that growth is not possible while staying together; rather it would be ‘the perfect situation’ to be in. But we have never-not-considered career opportunities just because it wants us to be in different cities/countries. We weigh our stakes well. And we also make mistakes, at times calling has gone wrong and opportunities have not been worthy enough, although at the outset it did seem so. But we have never felt weighed down under responsibility of our relationship. We have cried and felt homesick and had moments of desperately wanting to meet; but taking chances for individual growth still seems worth every time. And distance makes the heart go fonder… do you agree? Would you take chances in your relationships and prioritize your own growth? Do you believe that – we are only able to give the best of us to our relationships when we are feeling the best and being the best version of ourselves? I would love to know your thoughts, even if you feel otherwise. That’s what this platform is for, sharing what we truly believe in and being the truest version of ourselves.

More on relationships and their intertwined-ness later …. What I wanted to share with you today is how to balance ‘eat out’ meals. Husband being here, we are having frequent meals outside and I thought I should share with y’all how I try to balance all my meals.

Clever tips to Eat Healthy when Eating Out frequently

  • 1- Portion Control – Share your order! Fill your plate lesser than usual.
  • 2- Drinks – Stick to the basics. Whiskey, Wine or even Beer. No tonic waters. No added juices. No cocktails. No aerated drinks.
  • 3- Make better dish choices – I can’t give you the whole laundry list of what to prefer over the other. But healthier choices for the win! Steaks be the best. Fried is out of the window.
  • 4- Drink more water, eat slow, relish every bite and don’t miss the workout the day you eat out. Discipline yourself before you head out to eat. I like to workout first and then go out to eat.
  • 5- Balance other meals of the day.

Hope this helps you pick wise choices next time when you eat out and plan your day better. Let’s now look at my Tuesday menu of this week.


So I had planned to have overnight oats for breakfast and soaked them the night before in almond milk and sliced apples. But it rained all night here in Bangalore and the breezy morning weather deserved something nutty and warm. I got this soaked oats out from the fridge and kept it out to normalize the temperature and then put it in the saucepan over the flame, added some more almond milk, ground almonds and caramelized plums… and made something one could call a plum porridge. It came out just the way a rainy day breakfast should be – warm, nutty and so comforting. I don’t have the final picture with me but I will surely make this one again and post pictures on my Instagram.

Caramelized Plums Porridge


For lunch, we went to have pizza to this amazing pizza place @Brikoven. They serve the best pizza in town, freshly baked Naples style pizza baked in wood fired ovens. We clean-wiped a Margherita together , accompanied with a glass of Rosé.

Eat Out Meal


We had a bowl of green soup – spinach, carrots and basil blanched and pulsed together. We had this warm, tempered with coconut cream and crunchy muesli.

Spinach and Carrot Soup with coconut cream and crunchy muesli

Have a wonderful week ahead! See you again with some exciting content coming your way soon on this blog ! Xo!

2 comments on “What I Ate Tuesday – Week 5

  1. Loved the above article. About choosing relationship or your own growth. I think you have made a good decision by choosing your own growth. I also got an opportunity once to give my career a chance but wasn’t lucky enough to be supported. I know it seems empty alot of times when you come back home and find no one. But if you would have not tried trust me this thought which is stuck in my mind from many years would have kept bothering you from the inside. And i am sure you guys will get your way together pretty back soon.

    1. Thank you so much. Life always takes us to the destiny meant for us. Though while making decisions , we feel that we are choosing our life; but its usually our life taking us towards our destiny. Hope you enjoy reading my other posts as well 🙂

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