‘What I Ate Tuesday – Week 3’ and a small list of hobbies that might interest you!

Its forty minutes past ten pm and I am well tucked in my summer blanket to write this short blog-post. This is my favorite time of the entire day – after closing kitchen, ironing work wear for next day, I go for a hot shower to relax my sore muscles after workout and then get tucked in bed. Following a particular nighttime routine has helped me fall asleep quicker and better. Nighttime reading is one of the best ways to relax mind and body and it helps my body to shut-down from the routine chores – work, blog, Instagram posts etc.! Since I have started this ‘What I ate Tuesdays’ weekly series, on Tuesdays I utilize these 30-40 minutes for this blog-post.

I enjoy writing, especially now when I know there are few regular readers on this blog. Growing up, I was one of those kids who wrote diary entries and even tried my hand at poetry. The message I am trying to give here is to have a hobby. And give some time to develop it. It is never too late to begin. It is going to stay with you forever. Life will keep moving and daily chores will never demand less of you and at times even pull you down, but developing a hobby will keep you active and warm inside despite the chaos that’s outside. Below I have some interesting hobby ideas which might interest you. These hobbies are low impact and surely double up as relaxing nighttime routine too.

Interesting Hobby Ideas {that double up as a relaxing nighttime routine!}

  • 1- Writing a Journal {this might sound like a latest fad but is no different from the conventional diary writing. These days you can buy gratitude journal, 5 year journal from stationary stores and give this hobby a fancy touch!}
  • 2- Reading {and sip some green tea!}
  • 3- Doodling / Scribbling / Adult Coloring books
  • 4- Knitting / Embroidery {this would be so cool! I can imagine myself doing embroidery hoops in years to come}
  • 5- Meditation

Do you find yourself picking up one of these? I will be very happy to know.

Without digressing further into these never-ending conversations, let’s look at my Tuesday menu for this week. I was working from home this Tuesday and made myself a fancy vegetarian lunch.


As usual, I started my day with my ACV routine. For breakfast, I made myself a tomato and avocado toast and had a boiled egg as a side. And I made myself a cup of ginger tea for the rainy Bangalore weather. The joy of having a relaxed breakfast without the hush-hush of leaving for work, made this very basic breakfast quite delightful.

Morning Snack

If only one could see thru this picture and see how happy and grateful I am to be working from bed, all cozy in the blanket. Grabbed this Max Protein Snack, which I got during my weekend grocery run. I posted this picture on my Instagram and y’all loved this choice of snack. You can buy it directly from their website or amazon.


For lunch, I sautéed scrambled paneer (cottage cheese) and broccoli. I just seasoned it with salt and chopped green chili and it came out so well! Had it with a side of plain bell pepper salad. You must try this protein rich recipe of paneer and broccoli; they make a delicious pair.

Pre-Workout Snack

I think I over-compensated the lack of carbs during lunch with this evening snack. I took two slices of multi-grain toasts and made a chicken salami sandwich. Added some mixed peppers for the crunch and zing. Always a meal-prep girl, these chopped bell peppers were stored in fridge and made this simple toast so extra! And got done in a matter of seconds.


For dinner, it was my usual spinach chicken with wheat bread (chapati). Today I also added some broccoli in the chicken recipe. Look at how soupy the chicken curry looks; this is how I make it to keep it light for dinners.

That’s all for this week my lovely reader! It’s already thirty minutes past eleven and time to call it a night. Thank you for reading this post and I hope it helps you in bettering your life in any possible way! See you again with some new conversations! Xo!

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  1. Loved it. Simple to read and exciting to try. Loved the way you are taking these stories with normal inexpensive ingredients.

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