What I Ate Tuesday – Week 2

When I started this blog, I wasn’t so passionate at all. However, I promised myself to be regular. Actually, I really value ‘being consistent’ a lot. All leaders press upon this one habit, unequivocally. Yet it is so underrated. I once read in one of the post by Mandira Bedi where she was sharing her mantra of fitness – and she mentioned one rule she follows – ‘Just show up’ for the workout. Whatever your schedule is, if you run in the morning, just show up at the ground every morning same time. If you go the gym in the evening, just show up at the gym every evening. Isn’t this so simple yet we all know the serious commitment it commands. Oh boy! I am a big fan of her, what a transformation over the years.

So yes, let’s all just show up for whatever endeavors we plan to achieve and let ‘being consistent’ be the prime habit we try to inculcate. On that bright note, let’s look at my Tuesday menu for this week.


As usual, I started my day with ACV and luke warm water. While having this, I kept two eggs to boil. Once the eggs were done, I roughly cut these into pieces to which I added chopped cucumber , tomato , cilantro and a spoonful of Wingreens Farms Dill Tzatziki Greek Yogurt Dip, which is basically just hung curd and some herbs. Mixed it all together to make egg salad and toasted it with bread to make a sandwich. Had this sandwich with fresh lettuce, mausambi and dried fig. Day well begun!

Egg Salad Sandwich
Sandwich with a side of fresh lettuce salad

Morning Snack

Few peanuts. Such is life – some days it’s just peanuts (pun intended!)


Ok! Before this becomes overwhelming for you, I literally packed this lunchbox within 30 mins. For my lunchbox today was pan sautéed basa fish in lemony butter garlic sauce. I had this with peas pulao and basic tomato and cucumber salad. The lemony butter garlic sauce came out so well, just like a fine dining place would serve.

Pro-tip – I would highly recommend you going through this well-written post on Meal-prep. I have given crisp 7 tips to begin with Meal-Prep. It saves so much time and even such fancy looking lunchboxes get done in a jiffy.

Basa Fish in Lemony Butter-Garlic Sauce with Peas Pulao

Pre-Workout Snack

Few almonds and plain curd.


For dinner, I had the leftover peas pulao with veggie-loaded scrambled eggs. This is all I could barely manage after work and gym. Also, I wanted to quickly finish my dinner and sit down to write this post.

Veggie-loaded Scrambled Eggs

That’s all my lovely readers. That’s what a day’s meal of a working girl looks, who strives to eat healthy and to have an inclusive diet. Happy hump day y’all and those of you undergoing mid-year appraisals at work , may all your efforts turn into rewards this year ! Xo!

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