Struggling to eat healthy? Lets give your kitchen a ‘Wellness Makeover’ !

Spending opulently on beauty and fashion and all things external is so passé. For the good. Because personal makeover is a thing we are not taking along in 2019. It’s outworn and frankly we already overdid it. And it’s been taken over by the trending concept of ‘Wellness Kitchen’, which if you ask me, isn’t just going to be a passing fad. The consumer trend forecast for 2019 depicts that wellness has graduated beyond being just a buzz word. People are becoming more aware and adapting healthy lifestyle over a convenient one. So how do we make healthy living also a convenient one? Think convenience of packaged food.

For eating healthy, regularly i.e. to adapt it as a lifestyle and not just a temporary fix, one will have to transform her kitchen to a wellness kitchen. Because we have all been there and done that temporary fix things and they clearly don’t work and are downright demotivating.

So shall we together work on giving our kitchen a wellness makeover? It is going to create a befitting base for our wellness and fitness goals this year. Kitchen is a reflection of our eating habits. So let’s set on to fix the problem from the root. I am no expert at this but I have done things so that my kitchen compliments my wellness goals. Let me tell you all of that and we can learn along the way.

This is going to be a weekly series wherein we do things to enable us cook quick and healthy meals every day. Keeping the convenience of eating packaged food as a benchmark, let’s get on this exciting journey.

Week 1

Replace table sugar in your kitchen. Replace it with honey or jaggery. Table sugar is good for none. If you have got kids at home, start this habit – earlier the better. Doesn’t matter if your goal is weight loss or weight gain. Table sugar is a poison. Period.

And it’s addictive. So one has to make conscious efforts to have a sugar-free lifestyle. Add honey. Sometimes I have such intense sugar cravings that I add honey on strawberries and banana. It’s way better than having anything that has table sugar.

If you’ve got elders at home and it’s difficult to completely replace it from the shelf, keep aside a box for them. Gradually try to change their habits.
So week 1, we start with replacing table sugar from our kitchens. No chocolates, donuts in the fridge. Masala chai tastes equally good with jaggery. You will get used to it. It has to be conscious effort. You can try to take it your way, like you’ll have sugar only in tea and in nothing else. But frankly, it’s never worked for me and a lot of friends I know. I really need to make an effort to go off sugar for a week or month.

I don’t keep table sugar at home but I get swayed for a tea at work or order a dessert after dinner. But still not keeping table sugar at home has helped me and my husband immensely. It gives us less chances to indulge. Also we both keep doing no-sugar-this-week stuff.

Once you have been without table sugar for a week, even milk will taste sweeter. Try it. Right now you are too used to the intense sweetness of sugar to know that milk is sweet in itself. Sugar is unhealthy not just for physical health but even mental wellness. I have written so much about it in my previous articles. To read, please search sugar in the search section. Reading my stories will give so many ideas as to how you can cut down on sugar.

Helpful Tips on how to manage Sugar Cravings

  1. Seasonal fruits with a drizzle of honey is my go-to solution. Don’t overdo it, a bowl would be just sufficient.
  2. Apple with peanut butter. Check peanut butter ingredients before buying, a lot of times it has sugar in it. Also, one apple with a half tsp. is the daily limit as nut butters are very high calorie.
  3. Herbed tea with a tsp of honey.
  4. Mix oats, plain yogurt, crushed almonds, 1-2 raisins and half an apple. Sprinkle some cinnamon powder. Cinnamon works amazingly well to fix sugar cravings. I make this so often.
  5. Make these sugar free chocolate barks.

See y’all next week with another insightful chapter wherein we are transforming our kitchens into Wellness Kitchens. Till then, no table sugar!

3 comments on “Struggling to eat healthy? Lets give your kitchen a ‘Wellness Makeover’ !

  1. This no sugar week is something I’m going to try for sure, thanks for those tips it would be really useful. I came here after seeing your Instagram feed, thanks for this!!!!

    1. Thank you. I am glad these quick tips are being helpful. Come back over to find more inspiration on health and lifestyle. 🙂

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