Rose Petal Face Mask for your Summer Skin

March been an absolute crazy month, new workplace, moving home to Bengaluru and a lot of other thing to deal with, my mum-in-law was unwell and lots of drama around it. You know how mothers can be, right! They become kids at this age. Bengaluru has been treating me well since I moved in December, but brought all my home now and it’s been a bit of a chaos.

Having said that, it’s beginning to settle down now and so I am back here on my blog. Will there be regular postings on the blog now? Mmm.. not as yet, I think this month of April if going to be bit demanding at home front. But… But… this Rose Petal Mask that I am sharing with you right now is all that you would need for this month and for all this summer. Its suited for all skin types and is so light and refreshing. You can use it as a powder cleanser, mask, mild scrub…

Besides being beautiful to look at and smell, the cooling, anti-inflammatory and mild astringent properties make roses an ideal ingredient in body care products and herbal remedies. This summer we are going to use this beautiful flower in very many ways, to begin with this Rose Petal Face Mask. I am also using Neem powder in this face mask for its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Whether you use fresh or dried Rose Petals, it’s of utmost importance that the Roses you pick are not chemically treated. I am so glad to have found this homegrown Apothecary which sources raw materials from certified organic farms and small home-run communities in Uttarakhand, Sikkim and other Indian states.

Refreshing Face Mask for Summers

You would need
1- Organic Rose Petal Powder
2- Organic Neem Powder
3- Unfiltered Honey
4- Fresh/Dried Rose Petals (Optional)
5- Hair Band (to make you look even more gorgeous while you have that face mask on)

Products from Blend It Raw Apothecary

Put that hair band on and push your hair back, away from the face. Mix ½ tsp of rose powder, neem powder and one full tsp of honey. Add the rose petals for that extra refreshing smell. Mix everything well and apply it on your face. Keep it for 15-20 minutes before you wash it with normal/cold water. While washing, scrub this mask on your face in gentle circular motions for exfoliation. Top it up with a mild alcohol free toner and a light moisturizer for summer.

With a promise of bringing you more DIYs this summer, signing off! Love. Xo!

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