Recap 2018

“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate” ~~ Oprah Winfrey

Another year has passed and I guess it no longer surprises us that time is really going light-speed. And we shouldn’t be complaining, as my grandfather used to always say time appears to pass quickly when we are having fun. He, my grandfather, is 105 today and there isn’t anyone better than a person who has lived so much who can tell us about – Living. And ‘living well’ certainly is more than the shallow yardstick of success that we use these days.

In no way I want to make this post a prescriptive essay but let’s all be a little more sensitive, kind, compassionate and forgiving in the coming year. And begin with yourself. Constantly comparing yourself with someone else has kept you under a lot of stress all this while and this comparison certainly limits you to bring out your best. Don’t let anyone dim your light. At the same time, you don’t have to dim someone’s light for yours to shine. Everyone’s journey is unique. Each to her own.


Talking about my journey in 2018, it has been quite a productive year personally. I am in a better state of health, both physically and psychologically. I am in a happier space today. How you feel right now is a conjugation of a lot of things and not just the ‘at-present’ situation. Which is why, different people react differently to similar situations. One has to nourish mind and body regularly to be able to handle ‘not so pleasant’ situations well. And that’s what makes all the difference!

Listing below few things which made a significant impact on my overall well-being this year.

Things I learnt about Relationships

1- No relationship whatsoever is more precious that your peace, happiness and a positive state of mind. People who don’t make you feel good aren’t worth investing your time and energy. Choose your tribe wisely.

2- Any relationship which isn’t aligned with your core values shall inevitably have an expiry date.

3- Vibes and energies are powerful things. These have a major impact on your overall well-being. All the points given further below are a subset of how secure you are in this ‘relationship’ space. If you feel unwell, lethargic, experience low-self-esteem, poor digestion, poor skin, and experience all these over a prolonged period without any apparent underlying reason, then certainly you need to pay attention to the energy and the vibe that’s impacting you.

Things I learnt about Digestive System

1- Besides the obvious things like what you eat, drink etc. , your gut health is directly proportional to your mental well-being.

2- Anxiety, emotional stress, sustained anger, have a massive impact on your digestive system. If you are under acute stress; monetary stress, relationships, daily lifestyle struggle; this might be compromising with your digestive efficiency and overall gut-health.

3- Keep good thoughts, be at peace with yourself, eat good often, move away from toxic environment. Do a cleanse once every 12 weeks. Watch your water intake.

Things I learnt about Mental Well-being

My mom was diagnosed with mild ‘bipolar disorder’ few years before. She was in teaching profession and lived a fairly busy life. So what really caught her up!? We never saw her living her life on her own terms. She never took a break from family. Growing up I never saw her making friends, having a social life apart from her family, going to neighborhood gatherings; none of that. And until her illness was diagnosed we rarely gave it a thought and assumed it to be her personality. Her therapist tells us that she has become very closed over the years. Also knowing my father being ferociously dominating, she was probably suppressing herself for a prolonged period.
I am aware that mental issues are groping our society like a monster and that my mother is not alone. I am also aware that it not just casts introverted people but more often than not – seemingly very outward people can also be the victim.

So what’s the mantra? Find your balance. Take breaks. Eliminate toxicity from your life. Know when you are pushing it too hard. Never compromise your ‘mental well-being today’ for a better tomorrow. Too much constant stress leaves you with perpetual damage. Examples of stress relevant today could be – constant need to multi-tasking, unhealthy competition, immoderate consumerism, robotic living.

What a wonderful day in Paris!

Things I learnt about Skincare

Skincare is more of an inside work than topical application. Nothing works better for your skin than a happy and calm soul. Your skin is worked up when your soul is in a rush or angry or anxious.

When everything else is taken care of , use natural balms made of coconut and almonds.

Things I learnt about Weight Management

If you are stuck up in any of the above points, it is likely that you don’t have the motivation for this one. Weight Management is a thing of motivation. You go to work because you got to pay your bills. That’s the motivation. For workout, you need to have a motivation. And no one can do it for you. If you want to remain active and healthy for a longer period in life, you need to watch your health. Find your motivation. You might need that initially to kick off. Fitness is very addictive that ways, once you are used to yourself being active and healthy, its very unlikely that you go back. One can write essays on motivation and how to start working out – blah blah! You can read it all. Read it more than once. But without you giving it a start, all those readings are futile.

Let 2019 be a better year for your mind, body and soul. Happy holidays y’guyz! 💗

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