Product Spotlight : Skin Gourmet Coconut Exfoliating Salt

Do you do a spa treatment at home? Or you always indulge in an expensive affair in plush salons? Actually, even if one goes for a spa every month, it always helps if we continue to take good care of our skin and hair regularly. No matter how lavish and expensive a pedicure is, it would not help if the feet is not scrubbed and moisturized at least twice every week. We know all of this but most of us do not do a home-spa out of sheer laziness, we think of it as too gigantic a task!

One product, Skin Gourmet Coconut Exfoliating Salt, and you are sorted. See the ingredient list below and decide for yourself, that if you were to actually indulge in a home-spa, are these not the ingredients you would look for:

–          Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

–          Shavings of Raw Coconut

–          Wild Honey

–          Sea Salt

–          Cane Sugar

Doesn’t it sound like a rich , luxurious spa. Rather I would prefer these over the chemical spa treatments. All these items are procured from the finest of sources and mixed in the right proportion to solve our home-spa troubles. I have used it a couple of times now and would particularly recommend it for dry legs. This scrub works like magic on my dry legs leaving them smooth and luminous. The scrub when rubbed for a few seconds on the dry area , melts the salt and the sugar particles and gives a well-nourished and moisturized skin. Wash it off with plain water and you are done. No additional body butter or moisturizer required. This is a wholesome product that cleanses, scrubs and superbly moisturizes the skin.

Be sure that you don’t apply this scrub on your face. It is coarse than a usual scrub and is not suitable for face. You can also avoid areas, which you feel are generally sensitive to scrub which is not exactly fine ground and has comparatively thicker granules. Use it twice or thrice a week for a  thoroughly nourished and moisturized skin.

The brand behind this remarkable product is “Skin Gourmet”, based in Ghana. All the products under this brand are handmade in small batches to ensure quality. The products are 100% natural – raw – sans any emulsifiers. As the name suggests, the brand philosophy is – “What you put in your body will show up on your skin and what you put on your skin will end up in your body”. Check out their revolutionary Clay Mask here.

Skin Gourmet Coconut Exfoliating Salt 

Quantity – 250 gm
Packaging / Label – This comes in a reusable glass jar. The packaging is done very well to avoid damages during courier transit. The label mentions the quantity and the ingredients of the jar.
Price – Rs 1500/-
Online Availability – Buy it here or contact them on their Instagram page for amazing offers.

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2 comments on “Product Spotlight : Skin Gourmet Coconut Exfoliating Salt

  1. I will try this scrub pretty soon. With almost no time for myself with a newborn in home. This surely sounds like a savior!!

  2. I will try this for sure! Having absolutely no time for myself with a newborn in the house, this surely sounds like a savior!! Thanks for reviewing this 🙂

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