Pre-plan your meals – Introduce meal discipline in your routine

My Weight Loss Journey – Chapter 4

Well! This isn’t something that you don’t know. I can’t recall the number of times I have been told that – we started going to the gym (or yoga or whatever!) but fail to go regularly. So many times I have been told – couldn’t stick to the diet because couldn’t get veggies over the weekend. I mean I myself have been in this “legit excuse” zone. And this – to never able to consistently pursue in order to get to the goal – is keeping you from actually getting to the goal. Makes sense?

So you have to maketh a routine, and ensure that you follow that. Basic thing – you have to create your  fitness routine in such a way that it seamlessly fits in the routine of the larger family. Husband going to office, kids being dropped to school , helpers coming in , tea-time with parents , office etc. etc… you have ensure that your fitness routine works seamlessly with all of this and more. That’s the duality of being a woman in the current times; you have to manage your universe and you have to manage yourself. And we happen to lose out on the later to get an A+ validation from our universe, all the time. Plan, plan and plan – your full week meals, check your fridge in the evening if you have the items you need for tomorrow’s meals etc. You have to be always on top of what are you going to eat for at least 3 next meals. Ofcourse! You can do that, just like you run your whole house and your universe. So while reading this, if you are giving yourself excuses of how planning a weekly meal is so not possible in your routine; you are just scared of commitment for yourself!!

Weight loss is not difficult, what’s difficult is to remain on that fitness journey, to consistently put efforts, day after day. So make a durable plan, and then follow it without any exceptions. No exception for anything or anyone. Besides weight loss, this will also give you a piece of mental strength.

Below is a basic template which you can use to create a custom schedule for yourself 

1-     Start your day with a particular healthy habit. I start my day with Apple Cider Vinegar. You could do anything, may be have a litre of water. One specific healthy habit- every morning. Stick to it – 365 days, no exception.

2-     Take Stairs. All the time. Lift doesn’t save you anytime. We just use it for convenience. Every time you call for a lift, consider that you are choosing convenience over a healthy, fit and fabulous body.

3-     Plan a full week meal on Sundays. Write it down, all ingredients and see what you need for next three days. Buy second lot on Wednesday. Especially plan the snacks between meals, they are the ones that kill it the most. If you don’t have anything planned, you will settle for the “fast” food.

4-     If you don’t have time to cut the veggies for a salad, invest in a good blender. I use this Nutri Bullet. Put in all veggies, fruits, yogurt and make yourself a smoothie.

5-     Always keep boiled eggs ready in refrigerator. A boiled egg stays good in fridge for a week. Reach out for boiled eggs for snacks, or when you want to make a quick healthy meal. Vegetarians can stock boiled chickpeas, sprouts, fresh Paneer.

6-     Stop buying fast food, fried and unhealthy items. Simple. Stick to point (5) above and reach out for this healthy stuff for snacking.

7-     Exercise – at least 5 days in a week. So when people tell you their weight transformation stories, they probably miss mentioning that they work out regularly, 6 days in a week and keep only a day for rest. When you see amazing transformation stories, read more than what meets the eye. There is no shortcut to weight loss, except that you do follow a rigorous exercise regime and sweat it out. If you struggle with time to go to the gym, do exercise at home. Check my Instagram story highlights section, for home exercise schedule.

Don’t be amazed when you see weight loss transformations of people around you. They have had a journey, which you weren’t a part of. But being on that journey myself, I can tell you what it takes to lose 5 kgs in a month. You got to watch what you are eating, how much you are eating and if you are burning all that you are eating. It’s that simple. You got to be creating a plan for yourself and follow it, without exceptions!




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