Portable and Portion Control Meals in Mason Jar

I am here back again at the call of my perpetual quest to make healthy food, interesting. And tasty. And food that’s attractive. Not boring. And this idea of meal in mason jar struck me when I was re-arranging my kitchen jars (have you read, Wellness Kitchen!?). I mean we’ve had box meals and jar meals in restaurants, but never really come up as to how simple it is to make these at home.

Mason Jar meals are so convenient as ‘make-ahead’ meals. I haven’t yet carried them as lunch to work, but looks like I am going to do that soon. I am ridiculously in love with eating anything and everything from mason jars now. And why not! It’s so easy to portion control all my meals this way. You have to try doing this at home; you’ll know why I am so excited!

Basic framework to make a Mason Jar Meal Decide what you want to have – a sweet and dessert-y meal or a savoury meal. Basic ingredients for a sweet meal would be – yogurt , fruits , oatmeal , granola , nuts and fresh cream. Basic ingredients for a savoury meal would be – choice of green leaves, legumes, sautéed veggies/chicken. Make sure to add crunchy leaves, sprouts  and bellpeppers. That crunch is what makes Mason Jar  meals exciting.

I have made so many mason jar meals this week. Only yesterday I made 4 jars at night to have for breakfast and dinner today, both for me and my husband. And it took me 30 minutes by the clock. Leaving you with few jars which I made. There is no recipe to make a mason jar meal. Just add in your favorite things in the jar and enjoy your meal.

Breakfast Oatmeal with Fresh Fruits

1.The Classic {Breakfast Oatmeal with Fresh fruits}

In a bowl, add basic rolled oats and curd/milk of your choice. You can use nut-milk as a healthier alternative. Put a layer of this oatmeal in your Mason Jar. Next add a layer of fresh cut apples and sprinkle some cinnamon powder on this layer. Add few almonds and raisins. Add another layer of the oatmeal and repeat the next layer of apple and dry fruits of choice. Top this up with few grapes or blueberry and store it in the fridge overnight for oats get softened and all the flavors to settle in.

The Classic Oatmeal Mason Jar

2. Mango and Chia Seeds Yogurt

Add some chia seeds to your choice of yogurt and put this as the first layer in the Mason Jar. Then put some fresh cut mangoes as the second layer. Repeat the chia yogurt layer and the mango layer again. Top it up with blueberries and strawberries. I also added a layer of oatmeal. Because OATMEAL be the best.

Mango and Chia Seeds Yogurt

3. Non-veg Meal

First layer of raw spinach which is cleaned and washed. Add in some lightly sautéed cherry tomatoes, sliced mushrooms, Brussels sprouts, bell peppers. I just lightly sauté all of these in salt and pepper. Now add some boneless sautéed chicken. Top it up with micro-greens or any greens of your choice.

Chicken and Brussel Sprouts and Tomatoes

TipI just sautéed all the ingredients in salt and pepper and added everything in the jar and then added tiny amount of peri-peri sauce. Screw the lid tight and give the jar a shake to mix everything together.

4. Veg Meal

Same ingredients as Non Veg meal, just replaced Chicken with boiled chickpeas and handful flowerets of cauliflower, sautéed in salt and pepper.

Chickpeas and Mushrooms and Cauliflower

Aren’t all these jars so pleasing to eyes and too attractive to resist. Go make them for the weekend movie marathon with your family. Lay on the couch and dig your forks ! Happy Weekend y’all !

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