Oats and Almond DIY Soap Bars for Winters

Its winters already. It’s getting cold and dry .While I absolutely love this sweater weather, my skin has gone from supple to parched and itchy.

So this time around I decided to let go off my regular soap bar. Because it just doesn’t work in this weather and makes the skin more patchy and dry. The regular soap bars I am talking about. And decided to take charge in my own hands. A woman knows that once she has taken it on her, seriously, she will get it done. Agree?

Also long back I had bought LUSH soaps from Forum Mall Bangalore and I was totally fascinated by their products. Have you been to a LUSH store!? Its smells gourmet and so luxurious. But it costs you a fortune, man! So I decided to whip my own soap, customized for my winter skin needs, and guess what it turned out to be so much cheaper.

You walk out of shower with silky smooth, nourished and buttery skin. And the joy of taking bath with a handmade soap, priceless. Best part is how ridiculously easy this DIY process is. I used the base as goat milk melt and pour soap which has lactic acid that helps remove dead skin cells and lathers just like a regular soap. I made this first batch of soap with Oats and Almonds, because winters. Both these ingredients are excellent moisturizers and even act as gentle scrubs. I am surely making more variants for every season and all my skin needs. Well why not! Also these make as such beautiful gifts with personal touch.

Here’s how can you make your own Moisturizing Soap

You would need


  • Churn Oats and Almonds in the grinder. I didn’t make it very fine and kept the granules a bit textured.
  • Chop soap into small chunks and microwave for 30 seconds. Take intervals and microwave again for 30 seconds. Repeat until just melted. If you don’t use a microwave , then just boil the soap chunks on a double boiler at stove.
  • Don’t stir yet as this base cools down really quickly. Add the oats and almonds and then stir to combine.
  • Now add lavender oil drops and stir again.
  • Pour melted soap into each of the molds until full.
  • Let the soap set until completely hardened and then remove it from the mold. It take around 60-90 minutes for the soap to set. If you are too excited, you can also set it to cool in fridge (don’t freeze though).

Isn’t it a breeze to make it? Who knew it would be so simple to whip soaps at home! Well now that we know, lets get started.





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