My hair care routine & busting some myths on hair treatments!

Remember the erstwhile Re-bonding treatment that almost every girl on planet got done. Don’t bother this statement if you didn’t fall to that trend, you and me both are from Mars then. I always wanted to get that done but I don’t know why I didn’t go for it. I think I did not like the after-effects of it, the curly new hair growth and the pin-straight hair at the ends. You remember that?

I never got any treatment done for my hair except for coloring until now, that I got my hair smoothened. As for my hair routine, I ensure that hair gets a nourishing treatment once a week. I usually get a hair spa once 3 weeks and alternatively I do oil massage. A nourishing treatment once a week is a must because our hair is exposed to a lot of pollution and toxins than ever before.

Oiling your hair

Massage your scalp with warm coconut oil. Coconut oil is extremely beneficial for blood circulation and it promotes hair growth. For added benefits, boil some curry leaves in coconut oil. And store this oil for future use. Warm this oil before each application. This helps tremendously if you have hair fall. Massage the oil in roots of the hair and rub it with gently. As opposed to popular notion, never massage scalp too hard as that weakens hair follicles and leads to hair fall. Also, wrap your hair in hot towel. Repeat this routine every week to see changes in hair quality and softness.

Why switch to a Paraben free, Sulphate free shampoo and conditioner?

Because Parabens and Sulphates leads to thinning of hair and extract hair of their natural oils leaving them dry and frizzy. While these shampoos with parabens and sulphates lather superbly, they are doing much harm to the hair. I have not come across paraben free shampoos on the supermarket shelf; you should check the ingredient label before buying. Khadi hair products are sans any of these harmful chemicals and yet they are super affordable. As for the luxury brands- Innisfree, Forest Essentials, Body shop, Kama Ayurveda sell clean hair products i.e. without parabens and Sulphates.
Besides the regular hair care that we do, there are plenty of in-salon treatments can one can do for hair. Recently, I got hair smoothening done upon a friends’ insistence. And I am so glad I listened to her! It gave my frizzy hair much needed moisture boost. Besides, earlier my hair fell flat almost the second day of hair wash but after smoothening my hair would not look lifeless even after 3-4 days of hair wash. Although this was my first experience with hair treatment, I then read a lot about these and also spoke to my salon expert regarding these treatments and how they are different from each other.

In-Salon Hair Treatments

Hair Smoothening

Unlike straightening using a straightening iron, this one doesn’t make hair poker straight. It gives more of a my-hair-but-manageable kind of look. It takes out the frizz and makes your hair soft. If you’ve dull, lackluster hair you can consider this treatment. A smoothening treatment costs around 3K-7K depending upon the product which is being used by the salon. Smoothening stays for 2-3 months depending upon your hair type.

Keratin Treatment

Keratin treatment infuses the keratin protein in your hair and makes your mane manageable and smooth. Keratin is a naturally occurring protein your hair which gets damaged by too much exposure to pollution. In Keratin treatment, the same protein is infused to bring back the luster of hair. Just like hair smoothening, Keratin treatment also gives a very naturally straight look to hair and it doesn’t look poky. Keratin treatment is better than smoothening as it has less chemicals and is more of a protein therapy for hair. This treatment stays for 3-5 months and costs around 7K-10K depending on your hair type.

Cysteine Treatment / The Brazilian Hair Therapy

Similar to Keratin but better. Better because it doesn’t contain formaldehyde chemical in its products ,which is the only differentiating factor between Keratin and Cysteine. Rest everything is same – the process and even the output. The products used in Cysteine treatment are more skin friendly as compared to Keratin treatment. Which explains that Cysteine is a bit more expensive even though it stays for the same duration of 3-5 months. Cysteine treatment at a renowned salon will cost you approx. 10K-15K depending on your hair type.

For all these three treatments, salons follow the same procedure – hair wash, product application and hair ironing. Depending on the products being used, your hair stylist will advise you to keep the product for 24-48 hours and visit the salon again for first hair wash. It is also recommended to not use hair oil once you have these treatments done, for the entire period i.e 3-5 months.None of these treatment lead to hair fall or hair thinning. So if you are contemplating but fear damage, don’t worry and go ahead.

It is highly recommended to use sulphate free hair products, esp. after these treatments. It would lengthen the duration of these treatments. If you have unruly, frizzy and wavy hair, you would be amazed at the result of these treatments.

Ask your hair stylist to do a patch test before you take any of these treatments.


Hair Products I am using these days
Shampoo – Amazon Keratin Shampoo
Conditioner – Amazon Keratin Masque
Hair Serum – Kérastase Elixir Ultime Pro

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