Favorite trouser picks this season!

Monday struggle is real, man! If someone tells me – do or die on a Monday– most likely I will choose latter. I mean who can “do” a Monday!? My Monday mornings are slo-mo. A second takes five to pass. Only after a shot of espresso, I can hear my mirror-self asking me if I intend to hit the gym considering what a savage I have been over the weekend; with all the cheese and wine, liberated from the worries of the weighing scale, unaware that the weekend is just a two day affair and I will have a tough time fitting in those skinny pants which I bought thinking I shall spend extra minutes at the gym.

Cut to reality, Monday is here and I am not even trying to fit into anything but comfortable. Below, I have put together my go-to trouser styles; so much so that I have been literally living in them since 2018 started. These are trendy, chic and very flattering for all body types. Going all out or keeping it casual, all of these are a must-have in the closet this season.

Feel like a breeze in this one. Fits straight at the front and broadens from mid-thigh to give that comfortable yet chic look. Perfect work wear; open up a button or two at the bottom when headed to an after work party.

I am sold for the color. The fit is perfect for the days when I want to hide that extra serving of pudding I have had the night before. Fits broad and lose overall for a relaxed fit throughout the day.

This one is my latest find from Cover Story. It’s very feminine for the color as well as the fit. I pair it with pastel tops for a more accentuated look.

These are easily the most comfortable trousers for a busy day. High-waist and flared, these are the pants made for the days you want to dress-up effortlessly. Pair it up with bright tops and voila! you say – bring it on!


This is skinny jeans, but not skinny-skinny that you have to miss a meal to fit into it. If you know what I mean!? It takes your shape as it is skinny yet doesn’t make your love-handles bulge out as it is thick-fat denim. The shiny side details is just the right bling to make it a Friday wear.

Let me know in comments section if you too have these in your wardrobe and if there are additional styles which you would recommend.


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