Lipstick Shades for this Season ( Winter 2018 Edit)

First things first, you must scrub and moisturize your lips regularly, more so before applying lipstick. Even lipsticks from luxury brands fail to look fabulous on dry and chapped lips. So, you must ensure you scrub your lips well at least thrice a week and moisturize them daily. I use cane sugar lip scrub which does an amazing job in removing the dry dead skin on the lips. On the look of it in the mirror, you might feel that your lips are fine and doesn’t have any dead skin on it. That’s because the dead skin on the lips isn’t as thick and visible as on your feet may be. You should scrub and then see how a subtle dark layer on the lips is removed making lips look soft, cushiony and supple.

Once you have done scrubbing your lips, moisturize them with a lip balm or lip salve. I have been using Dior Glow Lip balm for a while , which very buttery and nourishing. The best part it doesn’t leave any white layer after few hours on the lips. Going to share a secret hack though, which my mum used to do for us both sisters, esp. during winters. Before you go to bed at night, warm some ghee in a spoon and apply it on your navel. Yes you heard it right. Apply it on navel. You will never complain of chapped lips plus this hack makes lips naturally pink and just so good. Do it to believe it.


I intended to keep this post a crisp one, but am already at 300 words. Without further blabber, let’s look at my favourite lipsticks this season.

Here are my Top 6 Lipsticks for this season (Winter 2018)

All these shades are perfect for this weather and go very well on Indian skin tones.  If you are following me on Instagram, you would have seen me wearing these colors. Have a beautiful week girls <3



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