Include Essential Oils in your beauty routine , now!

Finally ! The long-awaited weekend is here and it’s such a celebration to be back home early on Friday evenings. The week gone by was rather an extra one as I had to manage the kitchen chores as well along with office. My helper had to rush to her hometown in an emergency and as any other girl these days, hell broke loose! I was struggling between stiff timelines at work and managing with quick cereal breakfasts and cucumber sandwiches for lunch.

Husband was working from home today and got a chance to flaunt his culinary skills. He has done up all the pre-cooking work for Pasta , kept my favourite wine on the dining and is keeping me out of kitchen so that I don’t give unnecessary cooking advice , we women have this habit !

While he uses his Masterchef level skills (eh!!?); I am going for a hot shower, spend some time in Zen and just let the Friday sink in with a pause. On days like this, I use 5-6 drops of lavender oil and just rub it on my face and entire body before I go in for the shower. Lavender oil has calming properties and is very helpful in getting off the tiredness. Essential oils have great benefits and are still much unexplored. I have replaced my moisturizer with rosehip oil and it has done wonders to my skin, shrinking facial pores and even helping my T-zone oiliness. I have been using silicone based BB creams for the longest time to help pores on my face, which used to help cosmetically but never healed it completely. Rosehip oil has replaced all the CC Creams and BB Creams in my get-ready routine. While I can go on and on for why essential oils are my new found love and should be yours too; leaving you below with my favourite essential oils and how I have included them in my routine.

  • Lavender Oil – Derived from fresh Lavender flowers , this one smells great and is calming and sleep inducing ; which is why night creams generally have this as an ingredient. It is stress relieving as it induces relaxation by its appeasing scent. I use it directly as few drops taken on my palm, warm it between my palms and then apply it directly on forehead and areas near eyebrows and massage the area gently.
  • Rosehip Oil – This is a miracle skin product and is the ultimate go-to anti ageing , anti acne , anti blemish oil. I have had major problems dealing with acne , large pores and all wrongs that an oily skin has. This oil is so much underrated. I have used this oil as a base for makeup , as a ointment on a pimple , as a highlighter and the list is so broad. If there is one thing which I would recommend to include in your daily routine is this oil. You can thank me later !
  • Grapeseed oil – This one is a by-product of wine making and is rich in Vitamin E and Protein. Due to its properties , it makes for an excellent hair vitalizer as it helps reduce hair-fall and promotes hair growth. Mix few drops in coconut oil , massage it in your scalp and wash off with a mild cleanser. Repeat this at least twice weekly to see benefits.
  • Neem Oil – This one is the most popular , age-old oil of which we have heard from our grandmothers. I remember my grandmother used to add just a drop of this oil before applying her favorite Charmis cream. This oil has anti-inflammatory properties and is good for all skin types. It is equally beneficial for hair growth and is said to be used to cure dandruff and itchy scalp.
  • Ylang Ylang Oil – This is one of the most popular oils used in diffusers as room fresheners. This has similar properties as Lavender oil , being anti-depressant , anti-fatigue and promotes positivity. This oil is also called the oil of joy and happiness as it helps in increasing sexual desire.

There a bunch of other popular essential oils as well like Lemongrass , Tea Tree , Pumpkin seed oil etc . I have tried most of these but narrowed down the ones listed above , to be included in my regular routine.

I buy these essential oils from Indulgeo Essentials. Try their signature Rose Gold oil which has got rave reviews from Instagram beauty gurus and the best part , the Rose Gold oil is not even remotely as expensive as its South Asian sister Farsali Elixir. Visit Indulgeo Essentials Instagram page here and Buy their products here.




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