I did my face cleanup at home. Sharing here this amazing 3-step procedure…

Okay girls my excitement is evident. Even yours. And you know I love it. When I share the details of the upcoming post and I get so many messages telling me that you are so eager to read the post. Well! That is what we bloggers dream of. Having an audience who shares the joy of reading and writing. Am ever so grateful to get an audience in you, my favorite reader <3

You know my mom well now, through my various posts. That how she is so averse cosmetic beauty and how she literally uses every ingredient on the kitchen shelf for some or the other skincare or hair-care routine. Like literally! Moreover, my excitement surprises her. She says during her younger days, she and her neighbor friend would stand on the fence for hours discussing new recipes, skincare DIYs and more. Well! not much has changed since then, except that the fence has gotten a network upgrade – WhatsApp!

Therefore, other day when she told me over phone to call later as she was in the middle of doing her own facial, I thought she has gone nuts and overboard with this whole – beauty from the kitchen – thing. Over our next few calls during the week, mom convinced me to try it. The facial is brilliant. Not because mom advised to do this. Well! Of course, moms are always right, but this facial routine is actually brilliant.

Are the results same as salon facial? Well! No. This is a cleanup and is meant to deeply pore cleanse and hydrate your skin as opposed to the salon facial which included a massage to give moisture to the lackluster skin. Having said that, my face felt fresh and bright and glow-y after this procedure. And because the products are all natural and nothing cosmetic here, one can do it every week as a deep cleanse routine. It calms an over worked and tired face. The cleanup is good for all skin types . Read on….

Ingredient List

Supplies you would need


Step 1 – Start by deep cleansing your face using honey. Raw honey is an amazing cleanser which deep cleans pores, heals sunburns and moisturizes skin. Remember how our skin transformed for the good after the Honey Wash Challenge we did last month? Mix some brown sugar in the honey for exfoliation. If you don’t have brown sugar, you can use coarsely ground almond or oats. Cleanse and exfoliate with gentle circular motion on the face. Don’t hurry with this step; I would even prefer a double cleansing. First, wash with plain honey and then exfoliation with honey and brown sugar.

In case you missed joining us for the Honey Wash challenge, I highly recommend you doing it on your own. The idea is to start a good skin care routine and do it for at least 2-3 weeks till it becomes a habit. Follow the procedure given here.

Step 2 – Next step is to set up steam. Take the large bowl and add dried flowers and 2-3 drops of essential oil (I used Lavender). Add 3-4 cups of hot water as per the capacity of your bowl and mix all the ingredients. I also added a slice of lemon in this bowl. Lean over this bowl, keeping your face about 8-10 inches from water, just enough that the steam reaches your face and drape the towel over your head in a tent form. You can control the heat by raising or lowering your head towards the water bowl. I kept an electric kettle besides this bowl, so when the water cooled down slightly, I added some more hot water to prolong the steam process. Steam your face for 10-12 minutes or until the steam dissipates completely.

Rinse your face with lukewarm water and pat dry only. At this point, do not rub your face and use patting motions only. One the face is semi-dry, rub the blackhead remover tool over your face. Use the tool with pressure on your nose, forehead and chin.

Step 3 – Now onto the face pack. You can use any face mask of your choice. I used the Rose Petal Face Pack (yes! I am obsessing over it lately). And my mum told me she mashed a slice of papaya and used it as a mask. When I told her that I am writing this blog post, she insisted I should give the below options as well. All these are well-known gentle masks and mum-approved 

  • Fuller’s Earth ( Multani Mitti)
  • Grated Cucumber
  • Homemade Orange Peel as described here
  • Mashed Tomato
  • Milk and Turmeric

Keep this face pack for 10-15 minutes and wash off with normal to cold water. To level up this at-home routine, dip your face towel in ice-cold water and clean your face with that. This helps close the facial pores. Finish off with your regular moisturizer.

I loved this routine. Setting up the steam can seem like bit of a task but definitely worth it.

Wish y’all lovelies a happy skin and a great weekend ahead !

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