Healing Acne, Acne Scars and Enlarged Pores


If you would see me 5 years back, I had no clue of what was wrong with my skin. I was breaking out every now and then and skin was just red and angry all the time, to say the least. I have had acute acne for most of my teens and mid-twenties, but what really got me worrying was adult acne. I lived my teens till 25 only looking about time when this acne problem would heal on its own. At mid- twenties, I decided to seek help. I visited many dermatologists, cosmetic skin clinics to find a quick fix to this issue, but sadly nothing was of much help.

I was prescribed acne soaps and retinol variants to dry the acne at the surface. But that never helped!! What I was doing wrong was totally relying on doctors and their prescription to fix my acne situation. That is not the right approach for any illness/disorder, let alone ‘acne’ which is so subjective and differs for every human being. Unless you tell the dermatologist what causes acne for you, what triggers your acne, it is likely that they will put you under a universal medication, which may or might not suit you. And might even worsen your acne.

Most of the acne, beginning with pre-teens to teens and even adult acne, is curable by fixing your diet and lifestyle. There are exceptions where the root of the problem is otherwise; but rarely so. Hormonal issues, lifestyle diseases for example PCOD (Poly Cystic Ovary Disorder) in women, can be cured by making certain lifestyle changes.

Not all people who eat sugar and junk have acne. But if you do get acne, try reducing the sugar intake and sharply reducing the junk binges. Chances are that you will see a sudden drop in the new acne crop and even the red face issues will begin to subside. Many people are intolerant towards sugar and saturated fats – white bread, fried foods, sodas, sucrose etc., which spikes the insulin level in the body and causes inflammation. I, for example, realized it only in my twenties that I am lactose intolerant. I always felt uneasy and bloated after taking milk and milk products but never gave attention to the signs my body was giving. Life changed for the good after this realization. I am very careful while taking milk, bakery and any milk product.

Listen to your body. Nothing works more magically than you knowing what doesn’t suit you well. Acne is a reaction of the body towards toxins and other things that your body doesn’t contain well.

Latest Pic – I still have acne on an off, mainly during ovulation period and menstrual cycle. But there is major improvement. Keeping a track of monthly cycle also helps understand your body better and you can take precautions as per your body type.

5 immediate steps that you can take to curb Acne

1- Cut down on sugar and junk food.
2- Check your BMI and if you are overweight, fix your diet. Overweight people are more prone to acne.
3- Take at least 4 litres of water everyday
4- Workout – Nothing stimulates the healing process like a quick workout. It increases blood circulation which brings increased blood flow to the skin which speeds up healing process.
5- Include a GREEN SMOOTHIE in your regular diet. I have it for breakfast. Loads of spinach (extremely beneficial for healthy skin and hair), cucumber, lettuce and a choice of fruit (70:30 ratio of greens to fruits). Depending on availability you can also add kale, lettuce and other greens.

Following these 5 steps religiously shall help you with your current acne situation, however acute it is. Guaranteed!

I told you! There is no quick fix. And even if there is, I don’t recommend the same. Quick fixes are temporary. Permanent fixtures need time and patience.

Products that I recommend for Acne, Acne Marks, Enlarged pores and deep pits on face

1- Rosehip Seed Oil – Start using it today if you haven’t still. You will be surprised with what wonders this oil can do. Do leave in your comments once you start using it.

2- Grapeseed Oil – Works just as wonderful as Rosehip Oil. For starters, you might want to invest in both and use each for a week to see which suits your skin better. Wash your face thoroughly, take 2-3 drops of rosehip oil /grapeseed oil and massage it gently all over the face and let it work overnight.

Let me put this disclaimer out for the last product recommendation. It is indeed a big hole in the pocket. But my aim is to bring to you – all that’s best, not just the affordable and convenient options.

3- Dermalogica Products (esp. the Oil Control Lotion) – All products under this brand have a starting range of Rs 2000-2500 for a full sized product. They do have travel sized products but never really bought that as full sized products are more economical. Dermalogica products are brilliant for acne prone skin. If you happen to try, begin with their oil control lotion or overnight clearing gel. The products soothe the redness and calm the active acne overnight.

Oil Control Lotion by Dermalogica

Athough this brand is available online, I prefer to buy it from a reliable source considering that these are very pricey. Check for salons in your city who get it from authentic source. BBLUNT has the entire range of Dermalogica , including their cleanup and facial services.

If you’ve read it till here; you are sure willing to put in the WORK that is needed to help your skin. Know that skincare is more of internal work than the topical fix. It’s not a healthy skin leading to a healthy mind and body; but the other way round. You know where to begin now….Xo!

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