From 80 Kg to 60 Kg ; Read on for what motivated me to be consistent at the gym.

Whenever I post my workout stories on Instagram, I am repeatedly asked, how this motivation bro! When I do no sugar week challenges, I am asked the same question again, how to sustain this bro! And I am sometimes myself surprised at how I transformed from a slack and sluggard, to a regular at the gym and willingly so! I don’t have a gym companion or so to say anyone who pushes me to get up and do the same drill regularly. Motivation is only effective when it’s self-infused. This is the first rule you got to learn and adopt when you start a fitness regime or any self-improvement regime. No one can motivate you the way you can do yourself. It’s your passion and you need to motivate yourself to follow that passion. Why depend on anyone to encourage you to follow your goals. Even sounds weird ehh?!

So if its only self-motivation that works, why this article? Here I am reflecting on my journey and putting forth tiny snippets of what worked for me and what has helped me sustain this passion for good 20 months now. And this is what 20 kgs lighter me is really proud of today. Consistency.

7 Commandments that ruled my journey from being 80 Kg to now 20 Kg lesser.

1- I accepted that it’s going to be a journey and not an overnight miracle. Accept this whole heartedly, so that you don’t expect overnight results from your own self. Don’t do that self-harm.

2- I did small things , but did it regularly. I never gave myself gigantic goals. I set myself small but non-negotiable goals. Even till date – after being on this journey for more than a year, its small but consistent. No bread/roti/chapatti for dinner for 2 weeks…  be at that, unshaken.

3- Fitness, of all passions, is more to do with taming your mind that tests your willpower to another level. So when your mind tells you every day to take a chill and miss workout, you remind yourself why you started at the first place and why being fit is important for you. I have stressed on this so many times before and often repeat this on my Instagram stories; fact is -this is the most important point and is a make or break. If you don’t shut up everyone, including yourself, you will not be able to keep up with journey.

4- There has been nothing more important to me on a personal level than being true to this passion. Not that I quit my routine; I still am a corporate slave and fluttering between work life and personal life. I still haven’t found that fine balance that we all are striving for. But I made adjustments at work and at home front, to keep up to this journey. Well! you can say that I am torn between three lives – work, personal and self. We usually give up on the later to be the best at first two. I say, its ok to be doing average at all the three.
If its important for you, you’ll make time for it and shun all excuses that keep you away from it. If you’re still making excuses, it was never important for you.

5- 21/90 Rule – Very common but still not followed. 21 days make it a habit and 90 days make it a lifestyle. I still remember how I pushed myself for the first month. Then I saw small progress and it motivated me further. Give yourself that time where you get self-motivated. Till then, push yourself.

6-  I have offended way too many people while on this journey; and got them back when they realized I am onto this serious shit and too determined to give a fuck to anything. Starting from my parents who’d complain that I only visit them for a few days and not eat properly, my husband who lost his regular booze partner (we were drinking 4 days in a week, ok! 3 to the minimum) and so many close pals who’d criticize me for my eating habits at get togethers. I was undeterred. They all get their meals validated with me quite often these days and I hear them speak my language –  no fruits after 4 pm because fruit has sugar. And they understand that going on a fruit diet is BS. 

7- I failed on so many days and yet I got up the next day with the same motivation I had on the first day when it all began. Problem is not that we fail, problem is that we consider it as the end of all. Even if one day you’ve had chocolate brownie and shakes and all sort of things; get up next day and follow your workout and meal plan. Don’t try to run harder because you had extra the previous day. Take it easy. Just follow the plan. If you push yourself too much, you might end up not working out at all, let alone the idea of doing it extraa.  

Hope y’all find these commandments useful and you find your motivation. Remember to do small , but do it consistently. Xo!

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