Easiest Health tip : One ingredient you should include in your diet

Fit and healthy lifestyle is on everyone’s priority list these days. We have moved beyond GM diet and have got introduced to Keto , Low Carb Diet ( LCD) and Paleo way of life. Our kitchen shelves now have a special place for Chia Seeds and Protein Bars and we are slowing becoming the health nuts that we consume. If not already , let me introduce you to the James Bond of all superfoods , Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV).

ACV might be new to our kitchen shelves, but it is a long forgotten elixir which is only making a comeback now. As name would suggest , ACV is made from apples which are fermented to form a blend of Acetic Acid and Malic Acid. A high quality ACV , which is unpasteurized and unfiltered, is a nutrient packed powerhouse as it contains probiotics. To identify the purest quality of ACV , look for “with the mother” tag on the packaging. I use the Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar , but any ACV which has the mother would do the same job. This fibrous looking “mother” at the bottom of the bottle is the validation that the ACV is raw and unfiltered. Shake the bottle before use as the probiotics are settled are the bottom of the bottle. 

The benefits of ACV are scientifically proven , it helps in improving metabolism , balancing blood sugar , internal cleansing by flushing out toxin build-up, improved skin and hair, weight management , acne treatment and many more. I bought my first bottle of Bragg’s in August 2017 and its been an year that me and husband start our day with this cure-all tonic.

Do leave in your comments if this article inspires you to include ACV. I would be interested to know how it benefits you..

How I included ACV in my routine

  • Mix one teaspoon of ACV in 150ml of luke-warm water. I take it just as it is, but you can add honey if ACV is too acidic for your liking. I start my day with this and occasionally take it before/after the meals as well esp when I feel bloated. If you are consuming it regularly, it is advisable to drink it with a straw as it has a tendency to stain teeth due to its acidic nature.
  • Drizzle on fruits and salads instead of using lemon
  • Marinate meats and seafood. I marinate using one teaspoon ACV , yoghurt and olive oil.
  • Mix one teaspoon in shampoo and use this one a week for deep cleaning of hair. It removes all the grit and product buildup.
  • Dab it on a cotton pad and use it as toner , suited for all skin types.

How ACV benefited me 

  • Weight Management – I felt lighter throughout the day. I could feel an improved gut and controlled appetite over 2 months of its use.
  • Improved quality of skin and hair
  • Much improved immune system
  • Immensely helped me in treatment of PCOS

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