Creative Ways to use Leftover Juice Pulp

Winter sun and a tall glass of orange and carrot juice! H’ve you noticed how most of the beautiful fruits and veggies belong to winter season – apples, carrots, orange, beetroot, radish. You might argue that these days we get all fruits and vegetables round the year, but then you have not really tasted how fresh and real these fruits are in the season they belong. You must have the seasonal fruits in winters, most of them filled with the natural immunity boosters to protect us from the harsh weather.

I often make fresh juice at home during this season. Eating fruits directly is a better option but chewing so much fruits can take forever. However, a glass of juice takes seconds to get drained down my esophagus and reaches stomach quicker than I blink, and if you are into making juice you would know the superabundant amount of fruits that go in the juicer to get just one glass. The only downside being the residue pulp that remains. If not any vitamins and minerals, the residue surely has all the fiber that the fruit contains. Below are few ways in which I use that fiber power house. Most of these ideas I have learnt from my mom, rest are Pinterest inspired.

Put it in outdoor plants – The easiest one. Take some soil from the planter, mix it thoroughly with the pulp in a mug, and then put that compost mixture in the planter. Putting the fruit/vegetable pulp directly might attract flies and other worms at home. So mix it with soil before you do it. However, I have tried putting ginger outer peel directly (without mixing it with soil first) in the planter and didn’t have any flies or worms. So next time when you make that ginger tea, don’t throw that outer peel in trash rather put that in your plant.

Make facial cubes – My favourite one for sure and tbh many a times I make juice just to make these facial cubes. Whisk the residual pulp of the juice thoroughly, add some lemon if not already, turmeric and curd. Put this mixture in the ice tray and freeze. These cubes are so-so good and instantly brighten the face. You can just whisk the mixture directly too , without adding anything else. You have to try this one!

Make veggie patties – To the residue pulp, add some gram flour, salt and spices to taste. Make patties and shallow fry. Isn’t this super easy? Next time when you make carrot juice, make carrot patties. So freaking fiber rich patties !

Add that fiber in the smoothie – You can store the pulp (up to 2-3 days in fridge) and add it in your smoothie. That fiber should go in your body not dustbin.

There are many other creative uses of the juice residue pulp. You can also make dehydrated pulp crackers, although I haven’t tried myself yet. But that’s certainly on my list.

I hope this article was useful, if so, please leave comments. Nothing gives more joy than efforts being appreciated. Next time you make juice, put that fiber rich residue to a good use.




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