Blueberry and Kiwi Yogurt

There’s a lot happening in life right now. I will be shifting to a new city next month, so practically there isn’t much happening for Christmas or New Year. Well! Secretly just wishing husband would surprise me with some plan so that we don’t miss out on celebrations. We will be moving beginning December, so home is a mess right now with packing and so much else going on. Only when we shift places and move homes we realize how much random stuff we have accumulated over time. Taking it as a blessing in disguise and doing a home-cleanse, getting rid of unwanted stuff and giving it away to needy ones.

Amidst all this, only food brings joy. Made myself a fresh blueberry and kiwi yogurt and am super proud of myself. Not with the recipe as that’s a no brainer, but with the effort I always put to eat clean, even in tough times like so. Yogurt is very easy to make and I say, you must only make at home. It’s fresh, you know what’s in it, no refined sugars or syrups or colors, no added fillers and it’s even tastier than the store bought ones.

Here’s how can you make Blueberry and Kiwi Yogurt at home

You would need

– Handful of fresh Blueberries

– 2 pieces Fresh Kiwi ( I used the golden one which is bit more sweeter than the green kiwi)

– One bowl homemade yogurt/curd


Mix the ingredients in a grinder jar and churn. Only churn enough to mix everything together, roughly 10 seconds. Set the mixture in the fridge to set it. Plate it with granola, fresh fruits and top it with chia seeds and honey. Blueberry is rich source of antioxidants and boosts immunity and kiwi is rich in vitamin C and is a good sources of dietary fiber. Food that looks good and keeps you forever beautiful !



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