August Favorites

It’s been raining all through August. I love rains, but prolonged rain tends to make me feel quite dispirited. Does that happen to you? It’s been that weather here; I and husband were feeling grey so we took a break and checked-in Radisson Blu, Alibaug for a mini staycation. Sometimes a break is essential to declutter your mind and collect useful thoughts.

Besides this break, August was pretty much drab with no outdoor activity owing to heavy downpour. I binge-watched “Sacred Games” again, and mindlessly chowed on fried snacks. I have realized, I usually over-indulge during monsoon, it’s just the weather that yearns for homemade garam pakoras; perfectly accompanied with adrak chai. I hope September brings relief from rains and I am able to come out of the dull and go for run regularly.

As the August was mostly indoors, the favorites I have are skincare inclined. I have been totally digging on these products, esp. TBS body lotion which I think I am obsessed with and rather overdid during my stay-cation.

1. The Body Shop Almond Milk and Honey – Body Lotion

It smells delicious, and works even better. Use this to massage dry legs and arms with cracked elbows. Rub it onto damp skin for it to absorb quickly. I slathered it on entire body except face and I was smelling great even after 5-6 hours. I used only this body lotion during this month and I am sticking to it till I get a better one.

2. Marks and Spencer Lavender – Eau De Toilette

This one is my recent discovery I bought on one of my shopping visits to the nearby shopping center. The scent is subtle, feminine Lavender and lifted me up through the dullness of August. I am totally loving the beautiful petite packaging which fits in my medium sized handbag. The fragrance stays for max 3 hours, which I think is the only downside and I wish it stayed longer. But considering the price, it’s worth every penny and is a complete addiction.

3. Kiko Milano Sculpting Creamy Stick – Contour

I am not a makeup expert and don’t even use makeup for most of the days but am definitely a makeup hoarder; so believe me when I say that this is easily the most convenient contouring product I have ever used. Contouring always felt like “only-meant-for-pro” thing until I found this product. Easy to apply and super easy to blend. I use it on cheek bones and jawline and blend it with my bare fingers. My complexion is café-au-late and I use the shade 201 for this contouring stick.

4. Maybelline Falsies Push Up Drama – Mascara

I was raving about this one at work and realized that am a late entrant to the fan followers that this product has. It is a lengthening mascara with specifically designed wand to give a curl effect on the lashes. It does the job well and doesn’t clump the lashes even upon repeated coats. Besides, did I mention about the chic hot pink packaging yet!?

5. COCO Chanel – Body Lotion

I got this one from Amsterdam duty free while hunting for a popular Chanel perfume. This lotion with pristine white packaging was love at first sight and then I was totally sold for the fragrance too. The body lotion is lightweight and well moisturizing. I use it occasionally to layer up under any perfume as it helps the fragrance to stay longer.

6. Studio West Radiance Blush

If you like flushed naturally rosy cheeks without too much drama, this shade is what you are looking for – Dynamite. The texture is very fine and blend-able and you need just one swipe of the brush to give you that fresh dewy look. I use this one every time I am stepping out of home, because you cannot even count it as makeup; it’s just a hint of natural color on the cheeks for that fresh look.

7. Kiko Milano Powder Brush

A makeup brush can make all the difference to whatever minimal makeup you do. It’s the right strokes that make all the difference. This Kiko powder brush is fluffy and luxurious with synthetic hair. It evenly distributes compact or blush and works like a charm on face. Although a bit on the pricey side, I am using it for more than 6 months now and is totally worth the investment.

That’s all for August Favorites section. Try these and let me know if these are your favorites too!

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