All you wanted to know about Herbal Teas

Winters are just around the corner and I am already excited to take out my winter wear, dry-cleaned and tucked neatly in the almirah. Modern homes have only enough space that it is just not enough for big antique storage trunks, but I remember my mom used to have a massive wooden trunk to keep all the winter clothes. Ah! That smell when mom used to pull open that trunk, usually it would be around Diwali, a warm cosy smell of woollen clothes… winter feels already! That distinctive winter crispiness in the air makes tea time extra special.  Herbed tea with a dash of honey is my staple antidote for the bone chilling weather. Herbal teas are derived from herb or a fruit seed. Full of antioxidants, these are an excellent inclusion in everyday life to get slice of calm in rush routine.

Each herbal tea has different benefits depending on the composition. These teas have zero or very low caffeine content which make them ideal health drink. While most of us are familiar with black tea and green tea, let me take you through few of my favourite herbed teas. I like to have herbed tea after dinner, just before I sleep and sometimes during the day.

So, grab your mug of green tea and read on!

  • Chamomile tea – I wanted to save the best one for the last, but couldn’t resist. Chamomile tea is a modern day drink which has immense health benefits. You name it and Chamomile tea cures it… better sleep, improved digestion, strengths immunity, relieves stress and anxiety, reduces dark circles, and the list is endless. It smells fruity/flowery and has an acquired taste. Don’t be discouraged to have it only by tasting it once; we are all accustomed to have caffeinated tea with more than generous amount of sugar. Chamomile tea will grow on you after you have had it for a week.
  • Cinnamon tea – Well this is a commonly found spice on a fine baker’s shelf. If you don’t know already, cinnamon is a wonder drug for lowering blood sugar. It is known to immensely benefit women with PCOS as it helps in lowering insulin resistance. Cinnamon tea is known to guard against common cold, flu and infections. This is one of the tastiest herbal teas as well.
  • Matcha Green Tea – It is one of the purest forms of green tea. This Japanese green tea is Hollywood’s favorite too. Made from the finest tea leaves of Japanese tea plants, this tea is an ancient wellness aid. The tea leaves are specially cultivated and stored away from oxygen and light to increase its antioxidant properties. You will also find this tea as an ingredient in many face packs. Have this tea brewed in hot water or add this in your breakfast smoothie to improve your cholesterol.
  • Ginseng Tea – Referred to as king of herbs, Ginseng tea is derived from the root of ginseng plant primarily found in Korea. Ginseng tea improves both physical and mental health. It is said to be a magical cure for male erectile dysfunction. It relieves menstrual cramps, fights obesity (as it suppresses hunger) and is a cure for various psychiatric diseases. This tea should be had with a teaspoon of honey or lemon as it has slightly bitter taste.

Hope you enjoyed this article. Do not add milk and copious amount of sugar as we do in our masala chai. Herbal tea tastes best when brewed slightly in boiling water with some raw honey.



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