A Small Guide to buying Honey!

77 lovely girls joined me on Instagram for the 2 Week Honey Challenge. And the most common question so far has been – Which Honey should I use? I replied to most of you on the DMs and suggested to use whatever honey is readily available, but organic honey is definitely preferred. So why does it matter what honey do we use? What’s the difference between a jar that says Organic Honey and the other which says Pure Honey? This blog-post addresses this and hopefully by the end of reading this post, you will be better equipped to buy honey.

But first; why did I pick up this challenge? Our kitchen is full of ingredients for skincare, hair-care and so many remedies but we often fail to appreciate the beauty of these ingredients because we don’t give it enough time to work. Not just honey but so many kitchen ingredients can give you miraculous results if followed through consistently. So when you asked as to which honey should be used, I did not want you to wait to get the best honey and then start. Let’s start first and build that Consistent habit and we shall improvise on the way! Consistency is more important than perfection.

It’s not just about honey challenge. It’s about us experiencing the effort that goes on in doing something consistently. It’s a habit; if we keep picking up ideas/things and not follow through properly with cent percent commitment; it is likely that results disappoint us.

If you haven’t yet joined the Honey Challenge, suggest you visit the ‘Honey Wash’ highlights on my Instagram page. And if you are already doing it with me, tell me in the comments below how is it going for you. Also share your email address to receive a personalized email from me with a brilliant DIY honey cleanser recipe.

Coming back to the Honey Buying Guide. Most of the benefits of honey come from the enzymes present in it. When honey is heated at high temperatures, these enzymes get killed leaving behind a honey that although looks very pure without any crystals but lacks nutrition and other benefits.

Look out for raw honey, unpasteurized honey – easily available in supermarkets these days. Better if you can get it from a farmer’s market. It’s likely to get crystallized and crunchy and will contains wax and pollen; these things only boost the enzyme benefits of honey. There are a lot of brands that have – Filtered Raw honey – which looks much cleaner without any crystals. Be aware that this honey is heated at high temperatures to remove crystallization and doesn’t have the full goodness of honey.

In the absence of any labeling standard for honey, brands use confusing terms like – filtered, pure, filtered raw – and these words lead us into believing that Pure is better. I suggest buying honey brands that mention – RAW HONEY. I use Farm Honey, Wildflower Honey by Urban Platter and Graminway Honey.

Honey Purity Test at home – Put a drop of honey on your thumb. If it spills and flows down, it’s not raw. Unheated and Raw honey would retain the drop shape and not spread around. Another test you can do at home is putting a tsp of honey in a glass full of water. Pure honey will settle at the bottom of the glass and not break down or melt in water.

Hope this post helps you next time you are out in the supermarket to buy honey for yourself and your family.

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