Wellness rituals I introduced in my life and are now my staples!

There is so much happening in the wellness space right now. Personally, 2018 was a revelation for me in a way that I have well adapted to a lifestyle that keeps me happy and beautiful from within. My quest for things and then better things from the outside world has become less intense. This can be quite overwhelming at first; but consider below…

You are running errands, living your routine life, giving your best at home and work, a dotting daughter , wife , mother etc… trying to squeeze in everyone’s expectations to see them smile one more time , party through the weekends and take vacations at exotic places ……. However, we brood over everything, why are things not going my way , this is not how I planned my life, et cetera, et cetera!

Has this happened to you! Oh sure! We women are masters at over thinking. Then we take the cure-all of all are problems, our favorite spa to get that sinking feel out of our system or order that cart thats been lying in the online shopping portal for weeks . News for you! 1) Spa or mindless shopping is not going to fix your internal system, might temporarily release endorphins and make you feel better and 2) Things that can actually help you are not as expensive as that spa, rather such things are priceless!

Below are my wellness staples that have contributed significantly to my overall happiness quotient.

1.      Check your water intake

Not an extraordinary factor but the most underrated one for sure. As simple as it may look, check your water intake as this effects the hormonal balance almost immediately. You do not have to stay dehydrated for a week to see the impact; it shows real time.

2.      Do intensive exercise for atleast 20 mins everyday

Start with jumping jacks. Plain and old school. Skip a rope. And no! Doing household chores and making your bed is not exercising. Taking those stairs instead of lift does help, but we are talking about intensive exercise here. Run, jump and let body release endorphins. Better, do this at the start of your day.

3.      Cut down on table sugar

By now, you must be thinking am drafting a plan for weight management. That is not at all the purpose here; well! that might be a sweet side effect. Numerous studies demonstrate the effect of artificial sugar on mental health. In addition to inflating waistlines, sugar and other sweeteners, may contribute to a number of mental health problems. Sugar is so addictive that you can’t leave it one thing at a time. It has to be taken out of your lifestyle at one go. Now. Either you are on sugar or off, there is nothing in between.

4.      Have an inner circle

Build you inner circle, beyond your family. It’s a cushion called “my people”. This cushion protects you and warms you when you don’t get the required support from family. Your inner circle never judges you. They are not competing with you. Build a circle of people who genuinely want you to succeed in your relationships, work and everything you take up!

5.      Clean and organize your closet – let go of things you don’t need

Ok! So this one is quite inspired by my mom and it has helped me enormously. Don’t over fill your closet, your home and try to have a minimalist life. This doesn’t at all mean that you don’t decorate your home or don’t indulge in an extra lampshade; by minimalist lifestyle we mean you give away things when you don’t need them. Make way for new things to come in. Know what’s in your closet and never let it overflow.

6.      Indulge in a hobby – and nurture it.

It can even be a simple one as cooking. But nurture it! Learn new cuisines, new forms, try and fail, try again. Keep the student in you alive. Hobbies are a great way to have your own space in a monotonous living. Pick up something you love or wanted to do since long. Nurture it. Make time for it.

7.      Fill your home with plants – indoors as well!

I have plants in living room, kitchen and even bathroom. Plants detoxify the environment and we experience less stress when there are plants around us. Investing in plants can go a long way, in improving the aesthetics of your home as well.

8.      Sleep Regime

Now this one is the most important one and none of the above makes sense if you haven’t slept well. Scrub yourself, take a warm water bath, use essential oil and ensure 6 hours of sleep every day. Sleep regime might sound overwhelming, but it is going to improve the quality of your sleep leaps and bounds. Good sleep today is the foundation of how you are going to build your day tomorrow.

If not all at once, include these wellness staples one at a time. And beyond all this ; keep good thoughts. Thoughts become things!



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